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Leveraging Technology Is Key.

Founded in 1983, Marc S. Miller Associates is the industry’s most visible consultancy devoted solely to HR Technology Strategic Solutions.

Marc S. Miller Associates focuses on the use of HR Technology to increase the strategic role of the Human Resources function in a company of any size.

With no vendor alliances, Marc S. Miller Associates provides over 34 years experience in helping you find the best software solution encompassing Web based workflow, best practices, Employee and Manager self service, metrics, dashboards and reporting in support of providing “Information Craftsmanship” instead of just “Data Management” within your company’s HR, Benefits and Payroll functions.

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Robin B. from Seattle writes:

“Mr Miller’s emphasis on big picture education, culture and transfer of knowledge contributed to our great success.”

Marc S. Miller Associates works in a collaborative environment with our clients.

First we educate ourselves on the current and desired role of HR within our client company. We meet with senior executives including the CEO to gain an understanding of what C-Level executives expect from the company’s HR function and the manner in which they want services delivered. We gain an understanding of the strategic direction of the company and importantly, how that direction directly affects HR and its ability to deliver on that strategy.

Then we provide the inspiration and the education to our client team by ensuring they know what HR technology solutions can provide for specific to their environment.

Our experience guides us.
We have encountered many amazing “brains” among our clients.

Your knowledge combined with our experience, knowledge and inspiration will transform your vision of HR technology into reality.

It’s a “no brainer.”

Pam P. from Tampa writes:

“Marc S. Miller Associates helped our team navigate through all the land mines and internal issues we were facing.”

Marc S. Miller Associates knows the HR Technology Industry. We know its recent developments, its trends, its key players and providers.

Through stringent needs analysis, RFP preparation and the resultant vendor evaluation techniques, we can help you identify the most appropriate HR technology service delivery strategy and vendors from the many that claim to have what you require.

Together, we will make sense of what your users want and what the vendors say they can do!

Ansley B. from Valhalla writes:

“Marc Miller’s approach helped our Medical Center build its HR Technology Strategy allowing us to become independent.”

An underlying foundation of all activities in support of defining and implementing a new HR Technology Service Delivery is the concept of “Information Craftsmanship”. Marc S. Miller Associates instills in your project team the critical mindset of the need to shift HR’s focus from “Data Management” to “Information Craftsmanship”. Every project we collaborate with our client is oriented to the end result of being able to provide strategic INFORMATION and not just DATA. That means, the capture of metrics, the creation of future trends and statistics through modeling and forecasting based on the data owned and managed by the HR function and its technology. Doing so, will gain your HR function valuable positioning in your company as a strategic business partner.

That’s our strategy. It works. The Software providers want you to succeed, and Marc S. Miller Associates ensures that it will happen. After all it doesn’t take a miracle!